Why Empire?

Do you want to distribute your brand’s perishable goods or food items to shops or restaurants? If yes, we are here for your assistance. Empire Distributions Inc. is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of food products that is proudly serving some of the popular food brands in Canada.

Our Specialization

We distribute your fully packaged food products to other consumer businesses, retail stores and industrial-scale grocery stores that cater specifically to restaurants and groceries, selling in bulk at wholesale prices. From larger packages to small packed butter, cheese, curd and other items, we deliver your packaged food all fresh. Currently, we are the main distributors for the following brands all over the GTA:

  • Mampster
  • Savera
  • Taj Fine Foods
  • White Gold
  • India Today
  • Roti Fresh
  • Phulka Fresh
  • Gulmarrg

Why Choose Us?

At Empire Distributions Inc., our distributors ensure on-time and convenient delivery without any requirement of minimum or maximum orders. We allow customers to pick up goods with doorstep delivery service for processed foods, baked goods and packaged goods.

Our distribution solutions allow you to lower your costs while improving the flow of products to your customers. We help food industries and businesses streamline their supply chain, saving them valuable time in the process.

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